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Introduce yourself with a brand film

A brand film is a key touch point, and is often the start of a relationship between you and your consumers. There’s a lot of brands out there, so it’s important that you effectively communicate your culture and give people a reason to choose you.

A brand film introduces the people and the culture behind your brand, helping you build commitment and loyalty from consumers. It can also be a great way to launch a re-brand of your company or product, communicating the story behind the shift in a strong, consistent and entertaining way. And of course it’s an excellent opportunity to look achingly cool.

Our Work

Our showreel captures our approach to film and animation - authentic, culturally driven content that enables brands to move into fresh, interesting places.

Brand Loyalty

If you're passionate about what you do, you should share that with the world. Use a brand film to communicate your culture with your consumers and build lasting relationships that earn you repeat business.


It's one thing to be proud of what you do, and another to be proud of how you do it. If you're working hard to be carbon neutral, or offering support to charities or your local community, a brand film is great way to shout about it.


It's not just what you're selling, it's the way you sell it. Sometimes it's hard to get that across online. Amazing premises, an eye for design, great taste in music, you name it - you can share it all with a brand film.

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    Huxley is full-service film production studio. We combine contemporary film making and animation to create incredible branded content.

    Our team has worked with family businesses, cutting-edge artists, and the most popular brands in the world.


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