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In 2015 Huxley began covering Judo events for the International Judo Federation (IJF).  We loved capturing the physical power and grace of these committed athletes, but knew there was something special about the people behind the sport that we wanted to explore. We discovered IJF’s outreach programme – using Judo as a way to build personal and community strength in the face of poverty, hardship and natural disasters – and proposed a series of films to capture and communicate this extraordinary work to new audiences, as well as those already passionate about Judo.

The resulting series of branded documentaries, titled #JudoForTheWorld, tell personal stories that appeal beyond traditional Judo enthusiasts, enabling people new to the sport to connect with the culture, context and lives of those empowered by Judo around the world. They aim to increase understanding, interest and enthusiasm, helping to grow the sport and the international Judo family.


#JudoForTheWorld has been a great success for the IJF, with each output gaining hundreds of thousands of views across multiple social media channels. This online success caught the attention of Eurosport and CNN Sport, who picked up the series respectively and began broadcasting each episode in their international Judo highlights coverage, reaching a global audience and generating additional revenue for the IJF.

"Working with Huxley proved to be an easy and pleasant experience, as their crew is reliable, professional and friendly. Communication is open at all times and the dedication and hard work of all those involved is highly motivating. I would define Huxley in three words: talented, reliable and unique. "
Larisa Kiss, IJF

"Working with Huxley was a great pleasure and the result of their work was outstanding. The film was elegant and artistic and, for us from Instituto Reação, a tremendous honour to be part of it."
Flavio Canto, Instituto Reação

Creating a branded documentary

The strongest way to communicate the impact of sport is through people whose lives have been changed by taking part. We work closely with the IJF to identify sports men and women whose experiences make powerful viewing - both for new audiences as well as those who want a deeper insight into the sport they love.

Having created a consistent visual style for the series, we infuse it with the culture and feeling of each place we film. Having a multi-lingual team is a real bonus, but we also work closely with local contacts to ensure all projects are carried out ethically and in a way that respects local cultures and customs.

We identify potential narratives beforehand, but the best films are created when we are open to new possibilities. By developing trust and good relationships we are able to get a real insight into people’s lives, combining athletes' testimonies with striking footage that demonstrates their vital relationship with Judo.

About Huxley

Huxley is full-service film production studio. We combine contemporary film making and animation to create incredible branded content. Our team has worked with family businesses, cutting-edge artists, and the most popular brands in the world.

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