Seraph Flying Vehicle Promo

'Seraph' Promo

'Seraph' Documentary

Project Overview

Vertical Aerospace are on a mission to revolutionise how people fly, with the aim of making intercity air travel personal, on-demand & carbon-free.

We were asked to create a promo for their latest aircraft to show exactly why they're one of the industry’s leading companies.

It needed to excite, amaze and create hype.

The film received a tonne of exposure with over 200K views on Youtube.
It was featured by the Guardian, The Times, BBC, Wired, The Verge, The Telegraph and more...It was even picked up Discovery Channel for a 1 hr doc.

The film works as an integral part of VA's tool kit to attract the best people and the backing they need to take personal, carbon free air travel the next level...

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