Tik Tok Video Production

Short-form social media video has exploded in the last few years and for those brands looking to connect with younger audiences (although this is changing)…all roads lead to Tik Tok.

The rules of engagement are different again from Instagram or Facebook, trends come and go and audiences expect a lot more than just being sold to. You have to get creative to earn and maintain attention and this might mean developing a new brand tone for your video content that’s specifically designed for the Tik Tok landscape.

The truth is it’s often underestimated, a bit of an afterthought or just something that gets bolted onto a shoot..but in our experience in order to make Tik Toks that actually work you need to give them time. This is the number one lesson. It always takes longer than you think! We’ve had a big dose of high-pressure Tik Tok shoots filming with megastars like Antonio Banderas and Paul Pogba where you only have a few minutes to get the shot. Experience has taught us that clearly defined creative, doing the right tests, and prep with stand-ins are key to getting smooth transitions.

Puma | Future Riders

Benetton | Tribe

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