What we do

We craft award winning films that people search for, share and talk about, finding new fans and building lasting relationships.


We're a truly multi-skilled team, enabling us to draw upon a broad skillset and use the right tool for every job. That being said, we have a few specialisms that set us apart...

Branded documentary

The branded documentary is Huxley’s signature approach which delivers exceptional results. Everyone talks about the need to stop thumbs - we deliver success by capturing hearts. Daring creative, strong narrative and exceptional production values combine to create films that truly stand out. The result is content that people love and look for, finding new fans and generating a deeper understanding of your brand.

Brand films and Promos

If you really want to connect with your audience you need content that draws an emotional response. We pride ourselves on brand films and promos that make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Stunning visual effects, stylish motion graphics, and contemporary edits and sound design combine to create stunning, impactful films that are limited only by our imagination, leaving audiences motivated to share and engage.

Sports Specialism

The strongest way to communicate the impact of sport is through people whose lives have been changed by taking part, and this is where our branded documentary approach really shines. We work closely with you to identify sports men and women whose experiences make powerful viewing - both for new audiences and those who want a deeper insight into the sport they love.

We showcase the people and the culture behind your sport, sharing real human stories from inspiring individuals around the world. Our films are infused with the culture and feeling of location. Having a multi-lingual team is a bonus, but we also work closely with local contacts to ensure all projects are carried out ethically and in a way that respects local cultures and customs.

We identify potential narratives beforehand, but the best films are created when we are open to new possibilities. By developing trust and good relationships we are able to gain real insight into people’s lives, combining athletes' testimonies with striking footage that demonstrates their vital relationship with their sport.

And there's more...

Our team has a wealth of experience creating all kinds of outputs across a wide variety of sectors.

Product Films

A great way to focus on a specific product or service and boost exposure, understanding and sales.

Animation and VFX

A fantastic way to make complex ideas more accessible, and to inform and entertain in equal measure.

Charity Videos

Specifically tailored workflows to communicate strong messages on modest budgets.

TV Commercials

Huxley’s brave creative, delivered through tried and tested broadcast safe workflows and delivery.

Social Content

From teaser trailers and video ads to behind-the-scenes abd engaging short stories, our social content demands attention.

Corporate Video

Premium video content that tells the world who you are, what you do, and what sets you apart from the competition.

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