Travel reel

Travel and destination Reel

Huxley has filmed in destinations all over the world on every continent, from the snowy tundras of the Arctic to the bustling beaches of Rio de Janeiro, we love exploring destinations and bringing travel culture to life through film. 

We´ve worked in the travel and hospitality sector for over 10 years, producing content for brands such as St Regis, Sheratton, W hotels, Costa Del Sol Tourism and the Leisure Pass. 

In this time we’ve created a huge amount of video content across all kinds of formats; TV commercials for tourism boards, property brand films for hotels and destination films for travel apps. 

We´ve also created content for sport brands that promote destinations and tourism through their events. Some of these clients include ´Tour of Britain´ and the International Judo Federation. 

We’re super flexible working with different budgets and ambitions; from large 20 person commercial shoots to agile two person crews, we pride ourselves on delivering beautiful, contemporary, enegised films that capture the spirit of a place as well as the purpose of our clients. 

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