University of Bristol

University of Bristol


Huxley has been making video content in partnership with the University of Bristol since 2016. We’ve made 100+ films in this time.


Quality & Creativity

We also work with some big international brands like Benetton, Pepsi, OVO Energy and Puma. We love bringing the experience and creativity from these projects into play when we work on university projects.


Safe pair of hands

Over the years we’ve produced all kinds of different shoots for UOB. We understand the nuances of working with the uni, how to get the best out of students, course leaders and researchers, optimise schedules and how to deliver video content that visually and tonally aligns with the uni’s guidelines. 


Flexible rates

Since the pandemic we downscaled our large Bristol office to a smaller, hybrid working setup. As a result our overheads are much lower than they used to be which means we can be super flexible with rates. We know budgets can be tight and we’ll always have a chat to see if we can make something work.


Rich footage library

Over the years we’ve accumulated a lot of footage from our shoots! It means whatever university project we take we can always easily lean on these great visuals to elevate a project further if needed.

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